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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Blogo, ergo sum!

The Drag-O-Matic version 1.2

Leona Upshaw has created the new flight of fancy that combines SteamPunk with Fantasy, and it's fun!
It is on sale today for 250$L at the Twisted Metal SteamWorks Mainshop.

Showing you one of this weeks Truth hairs called Odette, which comes in normal, streaked as well as split attachment version, and with separate bangs.
Also new is the sexy and cute plaid skirt of Smushyface. It comes in many bright colors and I love it! 
I could not resist to wear The Plastik Ataciara Elven Cosmic Love skin. Awww my belly is awesome ;-)

Plastik Ataciara Elven Cosmic Love Aphrodite skin - for Lazy Sundays 
Plastik VaeColl beautyPink eyes
Truth Odette Streaked and bangs - cranberry (NEW)
Smushyface Purple Plaid Micro skirt   (NEW)

From my closet:
Ellabella Whispers of love lippiercing
TBP sculpted heart belly ring
TSS Darken eyebrow piercing
YS&YS Freckles Add Tattoo layer
Ibizarre Bolero jacket
Maitreya bra top black
GothicCatz Darksider panties (part of outfit)
XTC Shirley lace gloves
Erratic cuff Silver
NS Rock'n'Rolla chain gang bang necklace 

Thanks Sven for the title of this blog.
Dikke kus

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