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Monday, 7 June 2021

Anja's Surrealism

poster by David Silence, based on an image of Anja Neobookie

Monday, 7 June at 12 PM SLT (which is 21 hrs Amsterdam time) will be the opening party of the June exhibition 'Anja's Surrealism' at NitroglobusMusic will be in the experienced hands of singer/DJ/builder/SLEA exhibitor Suzen Juel.
You are all invited to join us, that is when you are able to tp in. So be there in time.

I asked Anja a long time ago to exhibit at Nitroglobus, as I immediately liked her work when I saw it the first time at her art workshop, which then was a different style by the way as the images shown today at the walls of the gallery. However, back then her textures already were colorful and appealing. 
I was super glad she accepted my invitation and in the months that followed Anja's work changed and became more and more surrealistic. 

Unlike most other exhibitors at Nitroglobus, Anja chose for a square frame format, which means she was able to hang a lot of works. Please take your time and walk along the walls of the gallery, using your imagination, as Anja says 'the longer you walk between them, the closer they get'

I love Anja's refreshing and colorful 'imaginative art' (Kimeu Korg's words) and hope you will enjoy this exhibition as much as I do. 
Dido Haas                                               


Do not try to understand all of the images shown, but just let them affect you. Even after two rounds of wandering, are you able to discover a pattern? Is there a common theme or common thread? Crazy, crazier, craziest seems to be the only connection and  thing in common in this colorful collection of 'Anja's Surrealism'.

And I hope it gets to you. Whether it is the quantity, the colors, the contrasts - I don't know. But the longer you walk between them, the closer they get. 
And a story will develop in your brain that only the viewer can and will understand.

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