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Monday, 7 November 2011

Green mood

ABS skin AMY

Mmm, definitely in a green mood this evening. Inspired by the cute green owl sweater, which I bought this evening at TFG (The Fashion Garret) and combined with new MINA Elfje hair and ABS AMY skin with green eyeshadow. 
Although generally I am not into make-ups, but more 'natural' girl, I do like this look.

Dikke kus
u.f.o. Chibi baka owl sweater 


u.f.o. Chibi baka owl sweater (NEW; I bought this evening at the TFG)
Addiction Radiance Pearl earrings (NEW)
ABS skin AMY tan3 (pack contains several make-ups in pale and tan)
J&J Lace mini bow top hat - black/red (NEW)
Mina hair Elfje, including hairbase DR05 (dark red ^^) (NEW)

Thx to the designers for their bloggers review items

MINA hair Elfje

Addiction Radiance Pearl earring

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