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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Tie a yellow ribbon round a piggy

Tooo short, definitively too short was my visit to Two Fish 'But then the War Came' of Rose Borchovski, a RL as well as SL artist. 

Actually I only saw the beginning of this story of a mother and a child separated by World War II, due to RL calling me. However, I promised myself to return to this inspiring place; too good to miss! 

When I visited I was wearing my new mesh Yukinowaguma outfit called Elcano and although the pics aren't very detailed I did wanna blog this sporty outfit, which is soooooooo easy to slip into: put on the appropriate size and alpha layer and there you go: all in 1, the long sporty white Tee AND the shorts ^^.

dikke kus

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