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Friday, 2 February 2018

Fading, the February exhibition @ Nitroglobus gallery

This Saturday, 3rd February, is the opening party for 'Fading' by Cold Frog a new exhibition at Nitroglobus. 

The pictures exhibited @ Nitroglobus are works Cold made some time ago, because nowadays her health doesn't allow her to make new ones, as her RL sight is fading away.

This exhibition is something of a retrospective of Cold's past work, as well as a tribute to her creativity, and moreover, to her in general for the cool and crazy avi she created.
Most photos exhibited are autobiographical and all deal in a way with suicide and death, not strange because Cold's theme in life is 'the unbearable darkness of being'. However, there is lots of humor too in her work, so don't be afraid to get too depressed.

Music makes Cold going on. For the opening party of 'Fading' on Saturday 3 February (starting at 12 pm SLT (= 21 hrs Amsterdam time), she sent an extensive list of her fav songs to DJ Ferdy, who will tune this evening

For indepth information about the artist and the exhibition 'Fading' I recommend to read the interesting article in 'Living in a Modem World' written by famous (art) blogger Inara Pey.

dikke kus 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Inner Journey by Pepa Cometa, the August-September 2017 exhibtion

Yessss, finally a post of me, and of course it's about an exhibition in my gallery; Nitroglobus ;-)

Last Tuesday, 22nd of August we had a super Opening Party for Pepa Cometa's exhibitionn 'Inner Journey' at the gallery, with great music of DJ Ferdy. Many artist and other persons interested in the SLart scene attended, looking all very smart, crazy or fashionable.

I couldn't stop making photos, which I posted all on the Facebook page of Nitroglobus Roof gallery. When you are interested have a look here.

The exhibition will be on the walls of Nitroglobus until the end of September. 
Here's your taxi to the gallery.

Dikke kus


Friday, 7 April 2017

Double Dutch an exhibition by Moni and Dido at Nitroglobus

During the month of April you can visit the exhibition 'Double Dutch' by Monique (Moni) Beebe and me (Dido Haas) at Nitroglobus Roof gallery.

Recently the idea for this shared exhibition was born and both of us started working hard. We wrapped up with a photo shoot together, having lots of fun.
No difficult stories, no theory, no complicated title, but just fun. 

Hope you enjoy the works of us Dutch girls.

Visit our exhibition, here's your taxi to the gallery 

We had a smashing opening party at Tuesday, 28 March with great music of our friend and fellow Dutch man, DJ Niels.  
Dresscode was 'LACE'

DJ Niels, Moni and I

Some photos of the opening party:







Maloe and Burke






DJ Niels

Terra and Rage


me dancing with Kytheon (my guarding angel)

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Resonant Dreams by Yadleen @ the Sunday Cafe

Proudly announcing Yadleen @ the Sunday Cafe of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.
When : Sunday 11 December
Time  : 21 hrs Amsterdam time (=12 pm SLT)  

Theme: 'Resonant Dreams' (text by Yadleen)

Everyone has dreams. Dreams are combined with feelings and emotions. I transfer my dreams into music. If you listen - you may get in resonance with my feelings. Our thoughts will get in resonance. Maybe we even have the same dreams. Sometimes we can feel it physically too. If it happens it's beyond words. "If all words have been spoken, only music remains."

Intrigued and like to know more about Yadleen's music, visit her music page

Here's your limo to the cafe 

Cu Sunday
dikke kus

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Finally a Mesh head

What a lovely place this is: the winterlandscape of Rosemoor, created by Krys Vita & Arol Lightfoot. Great quality and details & lovely poses everywhere. 
Here's your taxi: Rosemoor winterland

Yeah, finally I did it, I bought a mesh head. Pfff, it took me a long long long time to decide and it wasn't easy, coz most of the mesh heads are lookalikes, have too pounty lips, etc etc.
Until last weekend when I got inspired by a blog post of League about their Ella Catwa appliers created for Catwa Annie (although League mentioned Ella will also fit other Catwa heads).

I was triggered coz I liked the look AND moreover, it reminds me of my Dido system head look. Soooo I set off to get demo's, turned to my friend Mina for advise and ... after a thorough investigation bought the Catwa head as well as the League applier & body skin. AND of course freckles yeah freckles, coz what is Dido without her freckles?
And here's the result: mesh headed me :-)

Moreover, wearing my at the moment absolutely fav Mina hair Haley. Love that hair muchly, didn't take it off after receiving. 

In the top picture I am wearing my newly acquired V.e (ValentinaEvangelista) Tux Jacket and Vale Koer floral strapsuit for Maitreya body. Wow so sexy this (sort of) bodysuit. Both I bought at the latest edition of Uber this week.

The two photos above were made at Ini's Blue Orange club, a lovely place to relax, chat, laugh en listen to good music. Here's your taxi to BO 

dikke kus
Mesh headed Dido

Friday, 4 November 2016

'Always Closer' by Elo @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Sharing some info about the NEW exhibition @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery with you, coz I am very happy and proud to have Elo's works on the walls of my gallery!

'Always Closer'

When Elo started to make photos in Second Life, she liked to make portraits. However, with the years, and the people she met, she wanted to explore the BDSM side of SL, that is by way of making photos, because from what she learned, to submit to someone is not a small thing.

Most of all she wants her photos to express deep feelings, and often she adds songs to them, to make them stronger, music is also a big part of her life.

Here, in this exhibition 'Always Closer' Elo wishes  to express the changes in her SL, as well as in her real life. This year was full of emotions, good and not so good, but all very intense.
The little submissive girl didn't find her Master, or maybe she did, but not a master from a BDSM world. Now she understands what submission means, although deep in her heart she probably always knew, however, it's more clear to her now.
Submission is the ability to give the best of you to the one you love, without any questioning about the reasons of this love. It's there, that's all and you must show it, you must say it, and get Always Closer to it, because life is too short.
And because every beautiful story ends like this, the little girl dreams that 'Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants' :-)

Special thanks goes to Exa (Exa Valkoinen), Elo's partner, for his patience, and being a great help/model/friend/partner and so much more.

The exhibition 'Always Closer' will be on the walls of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery during the months of November/December, so plenty of time to visit.
Here's your limo to Nitroglobus.

dikke kus
Invitation for the opening party

the artist Elo dancing at the opening party with her partner Exa, who is featuring in a lot of the pictures on the walls of Nitroglobus

DJ Niels tuning @ the opening party

one of the awesome sexy songs, fav of Elo

moi just before the party started

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The gallery moved: Nitroglobus Hall became Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Two weeks ago I suddenly had to move Nitroglobus Hall to another place on the grid, because Joa, my dear friend and the owner of the sim where Nitroglobus Hall was situated high up into the sky, no longer could pay. All this happened within a very short while. So, you can imagine lots of stress and hard work. 

The new gallery is called Nitroglobus Roof Gallery and it's located above my SL home at Sunshine Homesteads. Here's your taxi

All the works of the exhibition 'Awakening' by Natalia Seranade were moved too and will be on the walls of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery till the end of October.

Let me tell you something about her exhibition and moreover show you some photos, which I made of the gallery featuring Natalia's works.


Bringing street photography into Second Life, Natalia captures chance encounters, random incidents and morphs them, using Photoshop, into works of art.

"I am grabbing things that appear in front of me, moments and sensations. I keep them as treasures, which are open in moments when I want to color the silence.
When my imagination and fantasies are flying, I mix the collected stuff with new things that appear in the moment, I never know what can appear, and I never know what will be the result. I am in another world where I am able to find what was unknown to my eyes... "

This exhibition 'Awakening' shows concepts and situations of a process of awakening and awareness...
Why is my reflection someone I do not know?


Hope to cu all at my new gallery: Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.
dikke kus