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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

RS Bianca

NEW: RS (Rowena Spingflower) Bianca mesh Top & Skirt. The outfit comes in different sizes (L - XXS), a FitMesh as well as a HUD that gives 4 different colors. I am wearing the blue one. Cool Halloween outfit.
But most important of all .... it fits my MeshProject Beta avi ^-^

Furthermore wearing: 
Mina Iris hair
Bracelets Mandala Pearl Rain
Erratic Chris blindfold - black
MS Bibi collar

Photo's made at my home sim 'Nitroglobus Labs
dikke kus

Opening Party for HeLa Lennie's exhibition "Nightmare' at Nitroglobus - 25 October

Hela at her opening party

Snapshots I made of the Opening Party for the exhibit of HeLa Lennie's exhibition 'Nightmare' last Saturday 25 October at Nitroglobus gallery.
Thanks to all who visited & to DJ Ferdy for the great set.

The exhibition 'Nightmare' by HeLa will be on our walls till December sooo when you couldn't tp in last Saturday no problem there's still time enough to see HeLa's awesome photos on our walls.

Here's your taxi to our gallery

dikke kus

PS worth mentioning are the awesome mesh sculptures by my partner Nitro Fireguard, that truly complement HeLa's exhibition.

Friday, 24 October 2014

PARTY TIME @ Nitroglobus gallery this Saturday 25 October

poster made by HeLa

OPENING PARTY  for HeLa Lennie's exhibition 'Nightmare'  will be

Date:     Saturday, 25 October.
Time:      Starting at 21 hrs Paris time (12 pm SLT) 
              till 24 hrs Paris time (= 3 pm SLT)
Music:     by DJ Ferdy 

Dresscode: Halloweenish nightmare !!!!!
'Nightmare' will be on the walls of our gallery during the months of October & November 2014. It's soo cool and we are truly happy to have HeLa showing her work at our gallery!!

Who's HeLa?
She discovered Second Life quite by accident; coz she was bored in RL after her graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts, Graphic Design and was looking for something to distract her. Her passion has turned to fashion, so she launched a fashion brand called He La (/me loves her shop/fashion - Dido).

In Real Life, except for design, HeLa is a lover of fantasy and photography. In SL, besides making clothes, she loves to make pictures expressing parts of her RL, which is sometimes dark. 

Nightmare, this exhibition, tells the hidden meaning of HeLa's life - translated into & described as a nightmare. I'm sure it will impress you as much as it did me.
Come and decide yourself. Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery

dikke kus

the beautiful HeLa (photo by *dido*)

one of HeLa's artworks @Nitroglobus gallery

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Possessed Horns & Zamira outfit

RS (Rowena's Designs) mesh outfit consisting of the Zamira skirt & top. Wow, luv it!
TSM (The Stringer Mausoleum) Possessed Horns for the Witching Hourunisex horns for all those otherworldly creatures out there! L$50 per play. I am wearing the Rare 1 - Pewter.

All the rest is from my inventory.
dikke kus

photo made at Nitro's maze with his mesh sculptures inside at the Burning Man (BM) exhibition. At the entrance of the maze you'll find an awesome GIFT (one of his mesh sculptures). Here's your taxi to Nitro's maze@BM

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Charcoal Roses

Adore this headcap and had to show you
Elysium Astralia headcap with roses charcoal which I bought at Tales of Fantasy.
Hair: MINA Iris materials 

dikke kus

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Sunday Cafe: celebrating 3 years

Special Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery coz Nitro & I, we met 3 years ago here in SL. This Sunday we will celebrate with music of DJ Ferdy.
Theme: Halloween
Dress code: Halloween

and yes yes I know it's a bit early for Halloween but oh well ... consider this a pre-Halloweenish party with dito music.
Cu Sunday
gros bisous & dikke kus
Nitro & Dido

Taxi to our gallery

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Visitors of Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery 5 October 2014

Pics I made last Sunday 5 October, at our Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery. This time DJ Ferdy's played alternative rock music from the 60's till today. 
Great music, wonderful witty guests and a super relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to all for your visit & to Ferdy for the music!
Enjoy the snapshots of all the beautiful people visiting our Cafe.

Next Cafe, Sunday 12 October will be a special one coz Nitro and I are celebrating that it's 3 years ago we met here in SL.
Soooo party time.
Dress code: Halloweenish (yeah I know it's a bit early, but oh well who cares).

dikke kus and cu Sunday