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Thursday, 6 August 2020


Wow, lovely sim, designed by Terry Fotherington, senographer. You can receive rezz rights when  you join the [valium] group.
A visit to Boulder feels like a holiday. All are welcome. 
Here's your taxi to Boulder.

Thanks Ed for the LM! 
Some snapshots I made:

AND there is a Boulder Photo Competition with cool prizes.

'Claustrophobia' by Mareea Farrasco @ Nitroglobus

poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Mareea.


I am glad Mareea said yes when I asked her to exhibit at Nitroglobus and challenged her to show another side of herself, meaning out of her comfort zone i.e. her beautiful landscape images. She choose claustrophobia as the theme for her exhibition.

First thing that comes up when I think of claustrophobia is an experience I had many years ago when being in a cave deep under ground level, warm, humid and not able to stand up, arghhh panic the feeling caught me suddenly that I might never be able to get out and see the sky again.

So many different situations will give us the feeling of being confined, however, Mareea choose the topic with something else in mind.

Mareea also 'dressed' the gallery, which she did in her own impeccable way.

                                         * * * * *
Mareea's description of the exhibition:

A form of anxiety, disorder; claustrophobia is defined as an irrational fear of small, confined spaces. The feeling of being trapped, with no way to escape, can lead to panic attacks. Approximately 10% of the population is affected by this mental disorder.
Why I have chosen claustrophobia as theme for this exhibition? Because we live, these days, in a confined, pandemic universe of our own, and we are all more or less “claustrophobic”, even without suffering from this disorder in our normal, healthy lives.

This exhibition is my metaphoric way to express those feelings, trying to rationalize them, in order to make them endurable.

                                        * * * * *

To watch/read: 
Oema made a cool short Youtube video about the exhibition.  

Inara Pey wrote a great thorough analysis (as usual) in her blog 'Living in a Modem world'.

some gallery overview images:

The opening party was Monday 3 August with tunes by DJ Ferdy and particles by Venus Adored. Many visited and I made lots of images. Lemme show you a few here: 

the main players on Monday, 3rd August: from top left clock wise Mareea, DJ Ferdy, Venus and moi.

Friday, 3 July 2020

Ex Machina by Caly Applewhyte @ Nitroglobus

Ex Machina by Caly Applewhyte, the July exhibition @ Nitroglobus.
Truly excited to have Caly's images at the walls of Nitroglobus during the month of July: half woman, half machine, artificial limbs, spine, body, brains.... a new era of artificial intelligence (robots/avatars) arriving, what are they and how should be look upon them and treat them?

Caly stipulates, using machina as an example, the myth of femininity, i.e. how women are trapped in an ideal image, denying their individuality. She concludes with the statement: 'What better allegory of the commodification of women than this reincarnation into machines?'

Opening party: Monday, 6 July
Time: 12 pm SLT (is 21 hrs Amsterdam time)
Music by JadeYu Fhang
Particles by Venus Adored & Kurk Mumfuzz
poster made by David Silence, based on image by Caly

I include here also the sneak peek poster, which I made based on one of Caly's images, that will be shown at the gallery.  

Monday, 29 June 2020

Tranquil Droplets by Bamboo Barnes

'Tranquil Droplets', the June 2020 exhibition @ Nitroglobus by Bamboo Barnes.  

Bamboo Barnes is a self-taught Japanese artist who has been working with digital images in Second- and Real life. The first striking thing about her works is the fierce bright colors she uses. It's the first time Bamboo used Second Life avatars faces as subjects for her exhibition. She admitted honestly she didn't pay a lot of attention to the 'looks' of these avatars she portrayed; they are not 'beautiful, lovely or cute', however, they sure are full of meaning and reality.
To Bamboo the most important thing of art is emotion. In her work she presents personal emotions. Her inspiration comes from the image itself or from music. In this case from the sound of water dripping.

Dido Haas, owner/curator

'The dripping water that echoes in the silence ......; a sound which one usually won't really notice. However, if you DO notice, this is a sound you can't stop hearing and which, even after it's gone, will keep on repeating in your ears.'

Bamboo Barnes


Images I made of Bamboo's work in my gallery. When you like to visit, you better be fast coz Tuesday 30 June is the last day this excellent exhibition will be at the walls of Nitroglobus.
Here's  your taxi

Collage of the main players at the opening party: Bamboo, Kurk (particles), DJ Ferdy and moi

Carolina in summer mood

Today I visited the remodeled sim of Carolina, now in summer mood. Love it. I blogged about this romantic place created by Arol Lightfoot before, but then it was in autumn mood (look here).  
Carolina is well made with great textures. You will find here beaches, waterfalls, rivers, bridges, boats, swings, a lighthouse, horses, birds, a swan family amd many cuddle places. No nudity Arol explicitly indicates in the description of the land. 
The landing point is cool: on top of a mountain where you have the option to either cross a detoriated rope bridge to the other mountain on the land, or take the swing to the lighthouse. 
Arol did it again and created a lovely place to explore and make images, which is what I did too :-).

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Entropy by D e f o e, the May exhibition @ Nitroglobus

image by D e F o e, poster made by David Silence

Truly happy with this exhibition 'Entropy' by D e F o e, which is her first show in Second Life & with the spectacular piece of art, 'Entropic System' specially made for this exhibion by Jadeyu Fhang.
Description of ENTROPY by D e F o e
'A journey deep into the bare rawness of the universe. The human being placed at the mercy of events, tossed about in the maze of life itself. We are but simple mannequins adorning the stage of the world, amidst its cold and sprawling asphalt jungles, opposing the placidity of its vast green spaces.
There we lay motionless, overwhelmed by our own vital flow.'

Opening party on Tuesday, 5 May at 1 pm SLT Amsterdam time)
Music by DJ Ferdy

taxi to Nitroglobus

Description of the sculpture by Jadeyu: 
the spider is the system (society/nation/education/politics) which holds us humans in her grip, she pulls the iron chains, which make it impossible for us humans to move freely. Moreover, her cobweb entangles us to prevent us from escaping. In other words: we are enslaved by the system and cannot breathe freely. 
This theme frequently occurs in Jade's work.

I show here two images of D e F o e, as hung on the walls of Nitroglobus atm. Come and visit.

Listening by D e F o e

Departures by D e F o e

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Bird & Blue, an experience at Nitroglobus

April 2020 @ Nitroglobus: 'Birds & Blue', an experience/installation by Harry Cover & Dido Haas lasting till the end of April.

Together Harry and I, we turned Nitroglobus into a large pond (put your boots on) with the soothing sound of rippling water. 

Harry added  blue boats, barrels and super cool birds he made specially for this installation.

For my part I selected images from my blog posts and I added 'stuff' to turn Nitroglobus into a large pond with pieces of land (thx Miu) with seats and parasols, waving blue flower beds, a rusty wind turbine, a beach hut, an animated rock and more. 

It's a bit of all and we hope you like to wander around. Coz it's fun and should be enjoyed as such. Come alone or bring your friends/love and have FUN.

Hope to cu all at Nitroglobus
Harry & Dido