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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Early Easter Bunny

Happy Easter everybody. Yeah, I know I'm a bit early, but that's coz this bunny is going on RL holiday tomorrow. 

Kissing my sweetie goodbye and waving to my readers. Don't eat too many eggs and Cu after Easter! 
dikke kus

A Bunny and Roses in my Hair


Roses crown, which is Glow Designs' item for the Fashion collective of 5-19 April and comes in many color combinations. Makes me look so sweet and angel like don't yah think?

d.l.s. (dirty.little.secret) mesh Hanky Hem dress in crimson. Wow a lovely dress, wearing it for days in a row now soooo should blog this right.

FBD Fashion (FireBird Designs) Gatcha Garden (7 April - 4 May) item: Bunny animations. Don't I look innocent in front of this cute bunny. 

Wearing MINA's messy braid hair Nanda, her item for the 'We<3 i="" role-play="">' event of March.

Dikke kus

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Don't Label Me

Wootz, this is such a GORGEOUS, I repeat GORGEOUS super made mesh jacket, look at the details AND the fit: simply purrrfect. 
It's the gothic jacket that's part of the BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) outfit Don't Label Me.

The folder contains next to the jacket and the top, a system layer basic black jeans, a mesh basic legging,  chained boots fitted mesh and a cross choker.
But most important a HUD that lets you change color of jacket outside and inside (clean or with sleeve patches, which I am wearing as shown in the detailed photos), texture of top, metals of the boots, and more. 
Thanks soo much Cameron for making great outfits!

Not wearing the cross choker but the Pure Poison BowTie Swirl and D!va hair Judy (black amber) both bought at March 2014 Collabor88.

dikke kus

Photos made at Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery. 
Next edition will be Sunday 6 April 21-23 hrs Paris time (12-2 pm SLT) 

Info about the Sunday Cafe@Nitroglobus gallery:
Nitro and I both enjoy listening to good music here in SL and really enjoy the tunes of  DJ Ferdy.  Sooo we invited her to our gallery and Nitro created a cool Cafe part.
Ferdy plays a mix of indie-pop and alternative lounge, for a relaxed time to dance, meet and chat surrounded by art and other music lovers.  

Her tunes are best described as relaxed danceable music, songs you always wanted to hear but never heard before. She takes you on a journey through the archives of popular music and is not afraid to tune songs found in the hidden attics. 
Taxi to Sunday Cafe

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Casual Nitro

Great Casual pants by Karl Rau, the HUD gives you many many SUPERB textures with or without boxer. A MUST Nitro says.

Photos made at Nitro's workshop part of Nitroglobus gallery.
dikke kus

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fun at the Waterfall

Wow, great weather today here RL sooo I got inspired and blog this super cool mesh HOLY SHrT! Goddess Swimsuit in red and purple (there are other color combinations available tooo btw). Luv it!

Also wearing the super cute mesh red Apple of GFD (Gala Fashion Design) owned by Galactia Emerald, their gift for the my Eye Hunt. FUN!

The hair is MINA's Tabita, which I blogged yesterday and all the rest comes from my invent.

Freestyle Kick Pose by NanTra (The Attic 21 March 201)

Dikke kus

Monday, 31 March 2014

Tabita, Whatever Girly at Frisland

Recently I joined the Bloggers Group 'We Love to Blog' (ty Quan) and this is my first post in which I show one of their bloggers review items.
This really cool FBD total outfit 'Whatever girly' comes with skinny mesh jeans, a gorgeous belt in several sizes, a mesh leather jacket, a system layer tanktop and urban sneakes (not shown).
I luvvvv the small zippers on the sleeves of the jacket and the cool folds in the jeans. Great details & quality.

I promissed the designer Dalriada Delwood to mention where you can buy the outfit, so here you go: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/47747
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xemtantic/149/182/1456

NEW since 28 March and available for 2 weeks is Tabita, an updated mesh MINA hair in 2 new colorpacks and with materials for The Dressing Room Fusion (TDR) for only 70 L$. Cute, cute, cute!

Also NEW is the PixelGeek chained collar (with and without RLV). I am wearing the black version, but the folder also contains a light silver, gold and silver version of the same collar. 

The cool mesh Timerascal Brass goggles, which flip on touch, are from Loki and are from the Street Urchin Steampunk Range. They were a gift from my sweetie last January. Luv them.

Pose used by Flowey, On the go part one, Walkin' one from this months' Collabor88.

Photos made at Frisland, Laluna Island; a lovely sim to explore. I enclosed the LM ^^

Dikke kus

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My 'Gauguin dress'

Wearing the awesome Paris METRO outfit 'Artist Series Indea Vaher', which is the same outfit as shown by the artist Indea in her artwork 'Purple hat', one of many colorfull artworks of the new exhibition at Paris Metro Art Gallery 'Women of the St Isabella Island'. 

I sooo love the vivid colors of this skirt. Although, I did change the yellow mesh top that comes with the skirt for a soft green color mesh corset from my inventory (SLAVE mesh CorSeT M8), which in my opinion fits better to the green in the skirt ^^
Love the hat too with the jolly green ribbons. 

The Coral earrings are last months (February 2014) Pure Poison GG
and the hair is Mientje by MINA, which I blogged recently.
The shoes are Fri.day Peggy.T-Straps (Tomato) SLINK ad ons and definitely a fav. 

Thanks again Captain ^^

dikke kus

standing in front of the art work at Paris Metro gallery

Photo made at LEA10 'Your breath was shed'