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Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Wearing the AD (Aliza Karu) Creations Heat mesh outfit consisting of a flexy skirt, a mesh jacket and mesh undies, the latter are resizable.

This outfit is available at Insolente Market for only L$ 160.
Super, I'm totally in love with this AD outfit.

The Gia Sandals I am wearing are Pure Poison Medium shoes rigged mesh ad-on for SLINK AvEnhance feet Medium.
The package contains Gia Sandals for flat, medium and high Slink feet and costs L$ 249.

Hair is MINA's mesh Sophia (Materials). Luvvv this hair.

Dikke kus

Monday, 21 July 2014

Happy holidays & a video of our present exhibition 'The Inner Me'

Nitro, my creative partner made an awesome video of the present exhibition at our gallery 'The Inner Me' by Maghda and Bonnie.
On the walls of Nitroglobus gallery till half August. Take a look at the video and come and look for yourselves ^^

Happy holidays & cu at Nitroglobus (here's your taxi)!
dikke kus


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mina's fans at Deadpool v2

MINA hair Roos (materials)
Tameless the mesh top of the Murica outfit
DRIFT Summer Micro Mini mesh skirt (part of Terry Cloth with HUD)
DBF Beelzebub horns in silver for the Countdown room (comes with a HUD to change the color)

Deadpool version 2 worth a visit. When you like to have more info about this macabre sim, please read Zikki's very informative blog post

 MINA's fans ^-^

Monday, 7 July 2014

The Mesh beta Project body

I am totally in love with this MeshProject (beta) body. It's looking so realistic and is soo damn smexy.
I love the detailed back, so much better than the system one, the realistic breasts and pussy,  the lovely butt cheekies and ... oh well I just love it ;-)
The only problem is I can't wear most of my mesh clothes anymore, coz it's impossible to wear the alpha layers. 

Interested in this mesh body? You can buy the avi body, feet, hands, shape, head and much much more at TheShops.
I am wearing my own head, don't wanna change that, coz that's me; Dido.

You can find more info here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/theshops/
Have fun shopping 
dikke kus

Realistic isn't it? 
The muff comes from Nearly Tactile. The gun thigh holster is from Tameless and part of the Dark Cabaret outfit. 
The mesh hair is MINA hair Ilse.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Opening Party for Bonnie & Maghda (The Inner Me exhibition)

exhibitor Maghda in fron of her own work

Some of the many many photo's I made Wednesday 25 June during the Opening party of our new exhibition 'The Inner Me' of Bonnie & Maghda
Soo many awesome people visited the opening party. 
I placed a lot of the photo's I made here in this blog post. Enjoy!
dikke kus

exhibitor Bonnie dancing


Armon and Mareea


former exhibitor ColdFrog

Elo (Little Frenchie)

former exhibitor Isa 

Our dear friend JMB with Fenna, in the background former exhibitor Burk Bode

Beautiful Lona & Cenedra dancing

former exhibitor Maloe, awesome as always

Yeah, Skippy visited the party too. Who doesn't know him and love him

Vallys, wow what a great avi she has

Maloe & Mr. B., former exhibitors and an intriguing SL couple

finally Nitro and I ^^

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A mesh body

Yeah, last week I got myself a mesh avi body from TheShops; TheMeshProject beta. Wearing also the freebie dress of TheShops, well no choice lol coz nothing else fits ;-(
But I must say this mesh body is really super: great tits and ass and awesome back too. Hey, hey my man Nitro luvs it ;-)

Hair: Tameless Wendy Naturals black
The Collar and Gun Thigh Holster I am wearing are part of the Tameless Dark Cabaret outfit.

Photos made in our gallery; posing in front of Bonnie's work. Super isn't it. Wanna see more of 'The Inner Me', the present exhibition of Bonnie & Maghda? Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Dots dress and Wendy Tameless hair

Showing a 'Dutchie' dress (hey hey it's Orange right ^^), not a mesh one this times but a sculpted, however very nicely made!
It's the Glow Design Dots Dress in Orange, which comes with the cute chain Belt in silver (also available in gold), combining it with the Tameless mesh Wendy hair in soft red (orange ^^)

Shoes are LeeZu's mesh Havasu falls ankle boots (not new).

Pictures made at Nitroglobus gallery.
dikke kus