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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Tank over Top

In SL it's always summer when you want it to be
First photo made at my home sim, standing between the gorgeous bamboo trees of Little Branch, which I blogged on Feb 24.

The super mesh outfit is from Eyelure:  (white) Tank over (black) Bikini & the Heathered Capri Sweats in black. The top fits purrfectly on my Maitreya Lara mesh avi, without having to use alpha layer parts.

The cute hair is  Asset Prince hair. Now and then I like wearing a short hair, make me look a bit boyish. 

dikke kus

This evening at Cica Ghostic's opening party for her exhibition 'Small Worlds' at gallery "The Living Room'  I met Spyder. Always fun to talk to him.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Retro KnocKeR(s) moi

Retro moi, love this outfit/total look a lot.

KnocKeRs mesh 50's Vintage jeans with belt and Betsy Collar top. Both items come with a HUD that lets you change the color of the jeans and of the top.
I felt like blue this time. Love the texture, fit and colors of this outfit. The price is cool too: 250 L for the jeans and 150 L for the top.

The Pure Poison - Bohemian Romance sandals (Nude for Maitreya Lara mesh body) are super and fit excellent. I bought them at the Uber market. Always great stuff there. One of my fav markets to shop.

The gorgeous Rosa D!va hair (black amber) is not new but fits the retro look very nicely. 
The cool silver snake wrist bracelet is from Eyelure.  

That's it. Sleep well all 
dikke kus

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Little Branch bamboo trees

Standing in front of the bamboo trees from Little Branch, which are one of their many gorgeous items for TFC (The Fantasy Collective). High quality/3D view, no alpha bending, season change menu etc. buy them for L$ 386; here's your taxi to TFC

All items mentioned in this blog post , except for the shoes, are bloggers review items. A sincere Thank You to the designers.

Tameless hair Stevie (the hat is part of the hair)
DM (DressMe Designs) Elise top number 1. This cute top is definitely something different and has a nice fit and texture. Luv it.
Oddity shorts - Shameless - denim in blue. The cute shorts are part of an outfit consisting of a sexy short top and shoes of the same texture (not shown). A HUD lets you change the color. I opted for blue and white lace.

fri.day Marsali flats in Cole for Maitreya mesh body Collabor88
(in the same folder you'll find also the versions for Belleza and Slink mesh feet/body)
dikke kus

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Aww feels like adultery .... wearing not a usual fav MINA hair but a different brand ... arghhh
However, I like this one it's sort of classical, different ... it's the Tameless Raya hair and moreover I'm also wearing the Tameless  Maneater arm cuff, choker and bracelet: cool jewellery.

The pictures were made when I visited the awesome NEW LEA12 sim 'The Paradise of CyberPolis' last nite, made by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable Snakeappletree. It's an enchanting place. I recommend.

Furthermore wearing the outfit I blogged yesterday: 
the E-Clipse Navada top and the Plurabelle skirt Tartan black. 
The Maitreya Lara mesh avi and the awesome Mayfly Luminous mesh eyes Aurora.

dikke kus

Mix an Match

Mix and Matching
Combining the E-Clipse Nayade Top in black with the Plurabelle skirt Tartan black (part of the Plurabelle Steampunk outfit. Both of course mesh and wearing with my Maitreya Lara mesh body. 
I have been walking around in this combination for almost a week now; simply luv both items, so well made and with great textures.

The blindfold is HeLa for love One Eye left. The package comes with many different combinations blindfolds (one white with black, gold, silver or red). I love HeLa her playfull stuff. 

The gorgeous hair is of course one of MINA's latests: Daisy.

Dikke kus

Monday, 16 February 2015


Three years partnered on Valentines day with Nitro Fireguard, my dear partner from Paris. Yeah, we made it sweetie and still going strong. 
With Second Life art, the art community and our gallery (Nitroglobus gallery) as a mutual project, keeping us busy. 
Thanks to all for the kind wishes!
dikke kus

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Opening party for 'Body', an exhibition by Paola Mills at Nitroglobus gallery

the artist Paola at her Opening party

Mmm, yeah I know I am late with publishing these pictures. However, believe me, there are good reasons why I did.
Sooo here they are, finally some shots of the awesome opening party for Paola Mills' exhibit 'BODY' at Nitroglobus.

When you were unable to attend this 'white party' no worries, coz Paola's art will be on the walls of our gallery till end of March.

CU there!
dikke kus
Josef K, Apmel, Maloe, Burke Bode and Miss Yoon

Nitro and I dancing

Gitu, APmel, Thea, Giovanna

Maghda dancing with her love

my dear friend Skippy

Marja and Miss Yoon 


Iono, Lona & Arnno, Sol and Lorys
Mina,  my dear friend dancing with her partner Box, Marie whose a dear friend of the gallery and artist Phiedra

Akim, the awesome JMB and Ronni smexy dancing, the one and only Cat, the beautiful Alex and famous Thea

Cat, Vola, Duna and WuWai

3 x Thea