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Tuesday 22 October 2013

A Sunday out in SL

Sunday I saw a note that mentioned Grazie Kendal had put all the stuff from her inventory on a LEA sim. This coz of the new Linden TOS.
I went there to have a look and wow there were soo many cool items. What a shame to delete, but ok I respect her choice.  

In the past Gracie had many art projects among them a wide art installation ‘Ce N’est Pas Une Peinture’ on one of the LEA sims. Very colourful and psychedelic! Gracie used her real life art work, paintings, and turned them into this 3D installation. Creative lady.

Of course I couldn't resist to take some photos before all was to be deleted.
dikke kus

Cool poses too

A lovely song Royals by LORDE