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Wednesday, 31 December 2014


I did it, I bought the new Maitreya mesh body Lara. Totally in love with Lara. 
Inspired by a blog post by Strawberry Singh who described this mesh body in detail, I went to the Maitreya shop, tried the demo and bought. Have been walking around in Lara since then and it feels comfy. 
Maitreya has been my fav shop for mesh items for ages; clothes, shoes, boots and now a mesh avi ^-^.

My only reference is the MeshProject Beta body: love the MeshProject body, especially the smexy breasts and ass, but hardly any of the mesh clothes in my invent fits this body. And a lot does fit this Maitreya mesh body.

Lemme give you the url of the very informative blog post of Strawberry. Read for more detailed info, which is written so well, I couldn't do better. And, moreover I am a lazy girl of course.
I had to be nude in this blog post to show the mesh avi. I didn't wanna use stickers coz that's so silly. Hope you won't be offended by my pixel nudity.

The Elisa hair Materials is NEW too and of course Mina hair. I love this wig a lot! Shoes are by Maitreya too and her Group Gift.

dikke kus

PS the head is not mesh, but it's my system head, wearing my Elyssium skin.



  1. yay! lara looks great on you!
    I have lara too and haven't taken it off since i got it ... it takes shape well and is beautifully done : )

    1. Nods, I do too I love it. AND I am not the only one :-)
      Been walking around Lara ever since I bought it.