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Monday, 24 August 2015

Kaithleen's Gangsta chemise & Erratic Delice lingerie

Kaithleen's Gangsta Chemise Lingerie Dress (wearing the sheer option in black); it's the 2000 group members gift. Wow, what a wonderful gift, I luvvv it. Thx Kaithleen!

Underneath (but in view) wearing the awesome sexy lingerie, which I bought at Collabor88: Erratic Delice Lingerie: suspender brief  & bra black for Maitreya mesh avi.

Moreover, wearing NEW MINA hair: Anais materials, which is MINA's entry for Shiny Shabby. Yeah another cool MINA hair!

Photo made in front of Ini Inaka's awesome art at Omagination Art gallery.

dikke kus

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