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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

'What If' by Senna, MM & Nitro @ Nitroglobus gallery

poster for the exhibition 'What If', made by MM (Mysterr)

Nitro and I are proud to present the work of the talented MM (Mysterr) and famous photographer Senna Coronet, in our gallery.
Senna is well known and respected by the entire SL art world for his high quality awesome photography.  For MM this is her first exhibition. 
We love both their work, which is so full of expression and emotions, something that's not easy to capture in Second Life. 

A sincere thank you to both the artists, whose work we think fits so well together because both artists play with light, shadows and emotions.

For this exhibition 'What If' Nitro created an installation of mesh sculpture groups of people walking a path. There are many paths one can choose from: the regular path, and the more difficult, windy and less traveled ones: it's a choice.
The regular path shows people walking the path of life, getting children, growing old and ends with Sisyphus rolling his stone up the hill, a heavy task.
The various windy paths lead to different endings; one brings you to angels, the others to demons.
 'What If' you would have chosen the other path instead of the path you walked in life?
You'll never know.

Don't miss it. Here's your taxi to our gallery
dikke kus

Some images I made of our gallery to give you an idea:


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