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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Exploring Yorkshire Moors & Craigh Na Dun

Exploring SL this evening and visiting The Yorkshire Moors:The Yorkshire Moors: home of Rayne Couture. A classic landscape with simple beauty to while away the hours. Unwind, relax and take photographs. Inspired by my rl home, my first life love: the flawless, bleak Yorkshire landscape

I enjoyed and couldn't resist to make some images.

Like to visit too? Here's your taxi to Yorkshire Moors


I also visited the awesome sim Craigh Na Dun made by my dear friend Armon Aeon this evening. I only found out he was the maker after walking around for 10 minutes ...  arghh  
Thanks Armon for showing me. I love it!

Craigh Na Dun:
Great theme, awesome textures and all made with an eye for details. Love it.
Many pose balls inside as well as outside the wonderfully constructed buildings. I baked bread, but also was ritually burned in a pagan ceremony ... arghhh. However, one can more peacefully listened to ancient music and dance too. Great fun to explore this place

Here's your taxi tot Craigh Na Dun

Enjoy exploring!
dikke kus

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