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Sunday 17 November 2019

The Promise


Visiting the 'dark' sim The Promise with my friend Ed Rhode, who supplied the LM. It's dark indeed, not only the WL is dark but also the theme. 

After entering the land you receive a notecard with this info: 
'After the promise island’s residents with their QUEEN found the magical Crystal.
The dark Demon feel the power of this. Epic battle between the light and dark
The Demon hunt the island kill all and put the QUEEN on the SNAKE mountain
Demon put the dark magic on the lighthouse to curse the island .
Any ship will come it burn with volcano fire that controlled by the demon book
Demon put the 4 obelisks with hunted eyes on to keep the darkness on island 
DEMON make the Dark Castle as his spirit protection.

Now beasts, demons , dark spirit and the LEGENDARY DRAGON live on island'

Lots of BDSM stuff inside the 'cathedral', which is well made. Master chairs, altars, guys that give you 'pleasure' when you 'sit' on them. I must admit these bots look very good 😜

More images:

Yeah love this muchly, always

Defnitely not a 'normal cathedral'

lots of BDSM stuff around 

trying one of the bots 😛 (on a safe caressing animation)

A song: 'Our Darkness' by Anne Clark

Enjoy and a big hug 

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