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Thursday, 19 March 2020

La Clef des champs

La Clef des champs visited on two different days. Land info mentions: photography, cosy, beach, rental (houses), garden, fishing, picnic, hangout, scenic, scenery and more. 
The founder of La clef des champs is Rose Ulrik (rose.sabionne), whom I met at the sim and had a nice talk with.  
Rose told me she created/designed the place herself with the help of some friends, among them Aash Writer who did a lot of the terraforming.

There is a Flick group and visitors are encouraged to place their images here.  
Many awesome spots to make lovely images.

Rose gave me LM's to several places in the sky, some of them she is still working on and not finished yet. I visited a bdsm place, not my piece of cake, but I must say very well done, elegant and stylish AND again great textures. No images made there :-)

More snapshots:

Rose Ulrik, the designer/owner of La Clef des champs

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  1. Wonderful shoots Dido and amazingly built landscape!Bravo Rose Ulrik!