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Tuesday 3 November 2020

The Outer Garden


The description of the place is short it only tells us the following: the Outer Garden is a white world. It is most suitable for a walk and photography while conversing with a friend or lover. 
The rules are strict: no nudity, no sex and no afk and if you break the rules, the owner will ban or eject you back to your home without warning. Owner is bisou Dexler, who calls himself gardener and is Japanese.

It's a dreamy and enchanting world with lots and lots of items around, very romantic and playful, especially at 'The Farthest Light', which is the latest addition to the region. You can tp/walk around there exploring the many different spots. Which I did and made too many snapshots.
bisou asks visitors to please add their 
images to the Flickr group 


I lit thousand candles

returning this evening for some loose ends ;-)

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