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aanhef blog

Tuesday, 17 May 2022


A week ago I received a tp  to Dukedom from my Explorer friend Ed. He showed me the helicopter hanging in the sky, from which it's fun to jump, with or without a parachute, the rusted pedal boat and the telephone booth. 

Dukedom is a full region created by KnOcks ShadOws (whozyer.daddy) for photography and exploring. It's an adult rated sim with an adult themed area or two. So NO child/teen avatars allowed there. Dukedom is half grungy urban inner city and half country. 

The sim is well made with lots of lovely, cozy and horny places. So there is fun for all. After all it IS an adult sim.

I made a few images then, but decided to return today and explore a bit more of the place. Well there is a lot more to explore. Will show you in some of the many images I made.

I discovered a deserted motel with in front a sort of hippie colony with hookers, nude girls and boys in daring poses. I got inspired and sat on the lap of a guy sitting on a sofa. Luckily he was a bot and super safe 😅