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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Mi vida Loca

This evening I went dancing at the Avilion Grove Castle Grand Ballroom. I hadn't been there for ages. It hadn't changed much, still pretty with the shiny floor, the romantic music and ... the lag ^^

picture taken just before I felt asleep ^^

Showing two new items: 
The [B]Juicy Box Mi vida Loca tattoo (fun fun fun) and 
the Bliensen + MaiTai - Valentina necklace.   
I like their jewellery; it's supa nicely made and not so traditional. There were a lot of items in the bloggers review folder I received this evening. I will show you more later on, but wanted to blog this cute Valentine necklace now coz it's really lovely with all the small hearts. 

redMint hair no. 19 scandinavia blond
redMint skin Pale no. 7
Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dawn
Paris Metro Masquerade Ball - Brushed Ruby 

dikke kus

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