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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Noah and me

Noah is a friend and a man from Gor. Well at least he proves Gorean guys can be good looking.

He tp-ed me to the village of Minus, located at the docks. Basically village life is what is roleplayed there. There are guards of Treve, free women, peasants and slaves. Within the village, there is often a lot of roleplay going on. It's a BTB (by the book) sim. 

I found out what I already know that I am a lazy and stubborn girl and not fit for Gorean RP I guess, but I did have fun and took this awesome shot of Noah and me. Nice avi and great person he is (big smile).
Dikke kus

Noah is wearing:
Outfit: The Mercenary (QD)...vk...
Boots: [DW] Crusader Armour (Black)
Shoulderpiece: .:Gspot:. Kurii Hunter (1fix)
Skin: Bad@zz - Skin - The Notorious - 20, beard
Hair: Kin-Kasey-[Black]
Eye patch: .:.Gspot.:. Eyepatch

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