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Friday, 22 January 2010

OOC II - Westenguard revisited

Valahari revisited (I was there briefly the day before): Dido OOC (Out of Character) II

My US friend Zen met me last evening at Valahari, the medieval RP sim  he joined a few weeks ago. He is a knight at the realm Westenguard and very enthousiastic about the place. I am a curious girl so I was happy to be able to walk around under his protection. 

Zen looked awesome in his classy armour and of course I had to change into something 'sim suitable' too. At the entrance of the sim you can find all the stuff you need: free hud, observer tag and medieval/elve clothes (male and female). There is a box filled with nice goodies: medieval clothes, elve stuff and more, but I guess I am picky as I opted to put on my Lady Caroline RP dress (... fashionista speaking).

   the library in my lady Caroline dress ;-)

Pfff, allways so many things you have to do before you can enter and start exploring an RP sim (my impatient nature sorry). Zen showed me around town: the library, a cute little church and the bath house. The sim is awesome, tasteful and made with an eye for detail.

I asked Zen why he entered this medieval RP. He told me he had been in other RP's before in his past SL life, but particularly chose this sim because he really liked the people, the story/rules, the atmosphere and he loves acting (in SL as well as in RL). 

We went to the bar, where we talked and I picked up the following conversation:

Vale XX  hums the rest of the music and then falls silent. He picks up his ale and wets his throat.

Hope XX turns from the counter to grab a wooden trencher from one of he high shelves. She cuts off several slices from the haunch of venison roasting over the fire; flames spitting and hissing as the juices splatter down. "I hope you liek it medium rare?" she calls back over a shoulder, tapping booted toes in time with the bard's tune. A loaf of bread, some cooked vegetables and cheese should round out the meal nicely.

Wow, thats emoting! Zen loves it and I was impressed, but unfortunately I am a lousy 'emoter' (English not being my native language and my impatient nature) but do enjoy listening.

We left the bar, without Zen offering me a drink..., maybe he thought the place was not fit enough for a lady ..... (big smile).

Zen introduced me to his friend the Dragon. He told me they had been fighting for the hand of the princess. The Dragon had beaten him, implicating he will marry the princess this Sunday. Zen invited me to join him at this wedding. I love to.

The Dragon beckoned us to the open field at the other side of the town gates where he put on a show (blowing ice at us). I shoot some pics but that Dragon is enormous.. do hope my pictures give you an idea of its measures.

After the Dragon left Zen en me we talked about SL and SL family. He told me he would love to be my family. So now I have a brother who is a knight... does that make me a lady ....?
I took an awesome pic of us, we both have put in our profiles.
Thanks so much darling for showing me around brother ;-)  

Interested in visiting Valahari ? Don't hesitate and go you'll love it!

Dikke kus


  1. Dido~

    Thank you for such a lovely portrayal of our sim. It's truly a great group of people! We look forward to seeing you again and often!

    Tess Compton
    Valahari Manager

  2. I remember seeing you two wandering about the sim. Glad you enjoyed your experience with us. It's a great sim with a great population of talented RPers.

    Sarila Jinx
    Lady in Waiting to Queen Tess

  3. Thanks Tess and Sarila! You are so kind.
    I really enjoyed the sim and hope to be back real soon with my brother Zen ;-)
    Hugs you both