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Thursday 29 September 2011

C&P Casual Wear

My dear friends Catherine and Petrov started their own store called C&P Casual Wear! Wow, so clever they are to create clothes themselves. They definitely have a style of their own. Lemme show you some of their designs. Oh and the hot guy and girl on the photos.... Cath and Petrov themselves, as they were so kind to be my models for this shoot ^^

Cath is wearing:
C&P Black lace top (also available in white) and C&P Black linen jeans (available in light blue, dark blue, Khaki, red and pink)

Petrov is wearing:
C&P black polo (available in many other colours and some exclusive designs) and C&P Red linen jeans (available in colours as above)

Cath is wearing:
C&P Orchid & butterfly jeans - (available in a set with a pink sweater, orchid belt & butterfly necklace) and C&P Pink sweater with trim (handpainted exclusive) - (also available in pale blue, blue and  purple)

Petrov is wearing:
C&P Summerbloom polo (exclusive) and C&P Khaki linen jeans (also available in other colours as above)

this photo I took a while ago (sorry name of the shop is not correctly spelled)

All items are copy/modify
Jeans can be worn long or short and with our without cuffs.  Cuffs are supplied in 2 sizes for male or female, but can also be modified if necessary.

Polo shirts come with collars in 2 sizes for male or female and can also be modified if necessary.

the store

I wish them Cath and Petrov all the success in this world with their new store! They deserve it. Here's your taxi to C&P Casual Wear.

Dikke kus

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