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Monday, 21 May 2012

The Dome; the new ReBourne prefab

Being a friend of Danny and Suite Bourne the designers/owners of ReBourne,  I had the opportunity to visit Danny his latest creation 'the Dome' two weeks ago and take photos being there all alone; hey hey lucky me.

Showing you this awesome new prefab 'The Dome' Danny made. His idea was to create a fusion between a modern contemporary and a cosy warm house. He took his time creating it: he started work in December last year and worked on it every now and then as learning mesh took a lot of time. 
In March and April he speeded up work and now it's there. 
Danny is a perfectionist; loads of small details are incorporated in this prefab. Oh and please don't overlook the photo hanging at the chimney, yeah that's a real 'Dido Haas' ^^. 

Some tech details:

groundversion unfurnished no lights: 300
groundversion unfurnished with lights: 368

skyboxversion unfurnished no lights: 305
skyboxversion unfurnished with lights: 375

Price: L$ 9500 unfurnished. Furnished: to be announced

Loads of great pose balls too to enjoy yourselves when visiting. 
Just received info from Suite that The Dome is at the home expo. So here's your taxi

dikke kus


  1. Wow it looks amazing.
    Great pictures too Dido!

  2. aww thx Kooky, yep it is an amazing place. Thx for the compliment!!!!
    hugs you tight from Lecce, Italy