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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Anna at La Dominique

A while ago I read an article about La Dominique sim, I saved it for later and well this evening I went there, got stuck in spiderwebs, got bitten many times by that nasty big spider, received help from inhabitants: a native girl called Si and 2 pirates named Angus and Baily. Thanks guys for your kindness and friendly welcome! I had fun and looked around; super nicely made and moreover friendly sim. 

I took pics there to show you the CCW (Cupcake) hunt gift (no. 60) I received this evening from Faces Studios called Anna. 
Showing the shape (yeah I even slipped out of my beloved Dido shape for this Anna one), the eyes and the skin (Diva Tan). The package comes with cleavage option: tattoo and undershirt layer.
I like the shape, the eyes are ok but not awesome and the Diva skin is cute with the slightly open lips and the eyeliner around the eyes, but .... too dark for my taste and not my style.

As I had to mingle among the native folks I put my ES (Enchanted Silk) Neya Ash outfit on, leaving some of the feathers in my closet. Well this made me sort of fitting in.
There are free outfits at the entrance of the sim, where you can also pick up your visitor tag or health meter. I liked it and will return to La Dominique for sure. Taxi to La Dominique

Dikke kus

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