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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Finally a Mesh head

What a lovely place this is: the winterlandscape of Rosemoor, created by Krys Vita & Arol Lightfoot. Great quality and details & lovely poses everywhere. 
Here's your taxi: Rosemoor winterland

Yeah, finally I did it, I bought a mesh head. Pfff, it took me a long long long time to decide and it wasn't easy, coz most of the mesh heads are lookalikes, have too pounty lips, etc etc.
Until last weekend when I got inspired by a blog post of League about their Ella Catwa appliers created for Catwa Annie (although League mentioned Ella will also fit other Catwa heads).

I was triggered coz I liked the look AND moreover, it reminds me of my Dido system head look. Soooo I set off to get demo's, turned to my friend Mina for advise and ... after a thorough investigation bought the Catwa head as well as the League applier & body skin. AND of course freckles yeah freckles, coz what is Dido without her freckles?
And here's the result: mesh headed me :-)

Moreover, wearing my at the moment absolutely fav Mina hair Haley. Love that hair muchly, didn't take it off after receiving. 

In the top picture I am wearing my newly acquired V.e (ValentinaEvangelista) Tux Jacket and Vale Koer floral strapsuit for Maitreya body. Wow so sexy this (sort of) bodysuit. Both I bought at the latest edition of Uber this week.

The two photos above were made at Ini's Blue Orange club, a lovely place to relax, chat, laugh en listen to good music. Here's your taxi to BO 

dikke kus
Mesh headed Dido

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