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Friday, 4 November 2016

'Always Closer' by Elo @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Sharing some info about the NEW exhibition @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery with you, coz I am very happy and proud to have Elo's works on the walls of my gallery!

'Always Closer'

When Elo started to make photos in Second Life, she liked to make portraits. However, with the years, and the people she met, she wanted to explore the BDSM side of SL, that is by way of making photos, because from what she learned, to submit to someone is not a small thing.

Most of all she wants her photos to express deep feelings, and often she adds songs to them, to make them stronger, music is also a big part of her life.

Here, in this exhibition 'Always Closer' Elo wishes  to express the changes in her SL, as well as in her real life. This year was full of emotions, good and not so good, but all very intense.
The little submissive girl didn't find her Master, or maybe she did, but not a master from a BDSM world. Now she understands what submission means, although deep in her heart she probably always knew, however, it's more clear to her now.
Submission is the ability to give the best of you to the one you love, without any questioning about the reasons of this love. It's there, that's all and you must show it, you must say it, and get Always Closer to it, because life is too short.
And because every beautiful story ends like this, the little girl dreams that 'Ils se marièrent et eurent beaucoup d'enfants' :-)

Special thanks goes to Exa (Exa Valkoinen), Elo's partner, for his patience, and being a great help/model/friend/partner and so much more.

The exhibition 'Always Closer' will be on the walls of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery during the months of November/December, so plenty of time to visit.
Here's your limo to Nitroglobus.

dikke kus
Invitation for the opening party

the artist Elo dancing at the opening party with her partner Exa, who is featuring in a lot of the pictures on the walls of Nitroglobus

DJ Niels tuning @ the opening party

one of the awesome sexy songs, fav of Elo

moi just before the party started