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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Last day of exhibition 'Night walks' & 'Crossing over' at Nitroglobus

I have been super happy with this September 2019 exhibition by Melusina Parkin (images entitled 'Night Walks') & Kai (Kaiju) Kohime (installation entitled 'Crossing Over' @ Nitroglobus.

'NIGHT WALKS: journeys into a dark world'
- Streets are empty in the night. While we walk through them, we can hear the sound of our steps and of our breathing, the rare noise of sizzling lights, a dog barking afar, the noise of a motor that struggles to start. All this can make us feel peaceful and calm, but it's also a bit unsettling -

- The vertical small worlds we used to live in, illustrated by male white religious oppression, is slowly tilting towards a more horizontal and more human engagement. This installation is about the continuing struggle between verticalism and a horizontal way of thinking and being, about the masks we put on to protect ourselves from our mirror image -

I will change exhibition tomorrow, soooo hurry if you still want to visit and sit in the cathedral and confess all your SL sins ;-)

Here's your taxi to Nitroglobus.

Dikke kus

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