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Thursday, 12 December 2019

Donkeys by Cica @ The Sim Quarterly

The Sim Quarterly
of Ele (Electric) Monday opened today presenting 'Donkeys' by Cica Ghost. This is the 3rd installation already. Ele changes every 3 months.
I visited initially with Ed, after he left I met several friends, as well as of course Cica, the designer herself, Ele, the owner of the sim and Naxos, disguised as a Xmas rabbit. 
This time there are many fun sitting animations in almost all the 'Cica houses'. Great fun. I loved it, chapeau Cica and Ele!

More snapshots:

arriving accompanied by Ed

Donkey shop

the pigeons and I

Ele (on the right) by paparazza me

Have a lovely weekend/week.
I will be off for a loooooong weekend celebrating my RL Bday in Lisbon.



  1. Awww, GREAT write up and it was so lovely to see you today!! I'm so in love with these cute Donkeys!!! :)) See you soon! And happy early birthday!

    1. big big hug to you my Sagitarius friend :-)