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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

"Animals on Earth' by Dreamers & Co

image by Nette Reinoir

Animals on Earth by Dreamers & Co, the October exhibition @ Nitroglobus.

I am really happy with the works of both Nette Reinoir and Livio Korobase, together forming the collective 'Dreamers & Co' in my gallery this month (October 2020)
This is Nette's first exhibition and yeah I have the privilege to show her works at the walls of my gallery. 
I really love Nette's colorful and sometimes surrealistic images. 

As for Livio, he is a very creative, fun loving and socially involved person, as well as a dear friend and advisor. I love his 'cat elevator' and the awesome art panels in which you can sit. Oh and don't forget to kiss the frog. Do try all the animations hidden in Livio's creations. There are so many!
Livio's and Nette's social involvement expresses itself in the message this exhibition contains for all of us: HELP SAVE THE PLANET AND THE ANIMALS ON IT. 

Please read Inara Pey's review about this exhibtion in her blog 'Living in a Modem World'. As always her analysis is thorough and clear. 

overview of gallery made by me

Explanations of the exhibition by the creators:
Our generation has taken many causes but the most important cause is sometimes forgotten and that's our planet's ecosystem. Today our planet still waits urgently for our action, Mother Earth itself is screaming to humanity to slow down and reconnect with her in a spiritual way.
Modern societies have been treating Mother Earth as if it was their property; extracting resources, polluting constantly, changing the landscape, killing the animals and destroying its natural balance.

Since the Industrial Revolution, humanity has killed 83% of all wild mammals and half of all the plants on Earth. Two hundred species of living beings are extincted every single day. We collectively need to change so many things in areas such as the use of plastic, meat consumption, contaminating energies, day-to-day overconsumption and more.

How can artists raise awareness regarding this?
Take a moment to think of nature: the Sun and Moon; forests, oceans, and mountains; birds, lions, and dolphins; salt and other aesthetic elements. Enchanting, isn’t it?
Imagine a world without them. How dull will life become?
Flow with the thoughts and you’ll discover nature illustrates the Creator’s powers, whoever he/she is. Most of us, however, fail to appreciate nature because we’re entangled in our fast-paced lives, and life’s problems cloud our minds from grasping its beauty and lessons. Climate change, overpopulation, pollution, unfettered urbanization, and wars cause disasters to the natural environment. Little wonder we see less of nature and more of guns, nukes, and bloodshed in our cities.

Maybe this Covid times are a chance for start change something on each of us?
Dreamers & Co (Nette Reinoir & Livio Korobase)
one of the artworks exhibited by Nette Reinoir

There was a great Opening party on Monday 5 October at the gallery, with music by DJ Gorilla (= Livio), great tunes and fun. I made lots of snapshots, let me show you some.

main players at the party: Livio (Gorilla), Nette, Kurk (particles) and me

DJ Gorilla at work


For all those who couldn't be present at the opening party, no worries, the exhibition 'Animals on Earth' will be at Nitroglobus during the entire month of October 2020. The gallery is open 24/7 :-)

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