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Saturday, 25 December 2010

G*Field's Stella at the Borobudur

This evening Michiel tped me to the Borobudur, well to be precise the project Borobudur coz it's not finished yet. However, what's finished is impressive. I took too many pics and will show you some. Do go and have a look.

Wearing G*Field cocktail dress Stella in red. I love the detailed wrinkles in the bodice and the smooth way the skirts floats around my pixel body.
Also wearing: the red Tiburon booties and Joceline skin both Xmas gifts of YS&Y and Truth Kalista hair in Champagne.

Merry Xmas
Dikke kus Dido


  1. Thanks for joing me at Borobodur. Great captures:)

  2. I love the place too!
    I've been showing my friends and I wrote about it here: