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Thursday, 5 August 2021

'TOUGH MAN' by Hilaire Beaumont @ Nitroglobus


poster made by David Silence, based on an image of Hilaire

The August August 2021 exhibition 'TOUGH MAN' by HILAIRE BEAUMONT @ Nitroglobus

Happy to present to you tough man Hilaire Beaumont. 
I have loved Hilaire's images ever since I saw them for the first time, which is a long time ago. For Nitroglobus Hilaire created new works, never shown before. The theme is obvious and doesn't need much explanation. 
Although the official opening party is next Wednesday 11 August, all is in place and the exhibition is ready to be visited.
Cu soon at the gallery! 

Opening party: Wednesday 11 August, 12 PM SLT @ Nitroglobus
Music by DJ hEIN
Particles by Venus Adored
Dresscode: when you like (not mandatory) come dressed as a knight/cowboy/tough guy - lady in waiting/cowgirl/tough woman


Hilaire discovered Second Life one evening in June 2007. After joining the game and quickly looking around, he assumed he wouldn't stay long.
However, because he had toured around SL so fast, he had overlooked the roleplay community which immediately fascinated him and continued to do so until last year.
The end of the roleplay could have been the final blow to his SL adventure, had it not been that he started to make images of his avatar in RP situations. Since then this is his main activity in SL.

Hilaire doesn't consider himself an artist, no way.. His main goal is to put emotions in his images and "tell" stories which everyone can interpret in their own way. I guess for him this is a kind of continuity of the role-playing game.

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