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Wednesday 15 December 2021

Betty's The Incal and 4 Mazes installation


The Incal and the 4 Mazes by Betty Tureaud

Although the official opening is on Sunday 19 December with a party at 2.00 PM SLT the installation was open for a sneak peek. Loved to wander around the mazes. As always this installation by Betty is colorful, playful and great fun.

Betty's BIO in short (her words 😀):
I am from Denmark
Artist in RL and SL
RL Edu: Danish design School
Height: 1.72
Born in SL 1/11/2007 
Never transfer RL art to SL
All my art is made in world  
I am a hyper-maniac doing all kind off stuff in SL.

The information in the presented notecard tells us:
In a tribute to Moebius, Betty Tureaud created 4 Mazes of 4 Elements: Space - Earth - Tecno - Mind -- and YOU are the 5th element!

Come experience this interactive art installation's endless blue skies and unending flat plains featuring: 4 Mazes; the INCAL; the Crystal; and the Dark Light! Bring a friend and soar above the INCAL. There are puzzles to solve and prizes to win in your Quest!

I made images of the several mazes and monsters:

click the NASA big moon it's a cool gift

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