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Monday 28 March 2022

Deviant Behavior gorgeous dress for Perky body

 DB (Deviant Behavior) dresses for Legacy Perky

Last Friday, 25 March at the Opening party for Elfi Siemens's exhibition STATUS MENTI @ Nitroglobus I saw an awesome dress worn by one of the visitors. It was the Cesti Appesi dress of Deviant Behavior (DB)  

After the party I rushed to the DB shop, however, I was so disappointed when I found out this gorgeous dress was only created for Maitreya body.
I took the plunge and sent an IM to the owner/designer of DB, Dr. Soni Avileva, begging him for a version of this gorgeous Cesti Appesi dress for my Legacy Perky body.

Can you believe how happy I was when Dr. Soni contacted me and at the end of our conversation said: 'I cannot promiss you anything, but I will see what I can do'.
To my surprise Dr. Soni contacted me a day later and said he made a prototype of the Cesti Appesi dress for Legacy Perky, which had been a lot of work he explained due to all the 'ribs' of the dress which need to be perfectly fitting the mesh body. He asked me to come and try it. Wow, it fitted perfectly and I am SO HAPPY with my Cesti Appesi dress.

Like almost all of the Deviant outfits you can change  color/texture/glow/degree of transparency of the dress by a simple TOUCH, which gives you a menu with all these options. Soo actually you buy a closet full of dresses (see Dr Soni's Flickr image)  

Deviant Behavior shop at the moment offers only a few other outfits for Legacy Perky (showing some at the top of this post). I hope Dr. Soni will adjust more of his yummie outfits for Legacy Perky.

He said he would when there is enough interest in them, in other words he needs A MARKET. SOO girls go and BUY.

Thanks again Dr Soni. Big big hug!

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