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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

STATUS MENTI by Elfi Siemens


On Friday 25 March was the opening party of the March/April 2022 exhibition 'STATUS MENTI' by Elfi Siemens .

Impressed by this exhibition which shows very personal and emotional work of Elfi. Here is an artist who is not afraid to show images from (as she calls it) 'places deep inside'.
Don't expect bright colors and happy images, instead take your time and let the works displayed on the walls of Nitroglobus descend and create their own stories in your head and heart.

awesome poster by David Silence, based on a work of Elfi 

Elfi her own description of the exhibition:

Painting with light (that's literally what the word "Photography" means) would never be possible if there weren't shadows as well.
We all have those dark, sinister places inside our minds: Areas where the sun does NOT shine all the time. And oh, how hard we try to hide them from the world around us!

STATUS MENTI/ State Of Mind is an emotional trip through my personal darkness - and who knows, maybe you will find parts of your own inner twilight zone in those images painted with shadows.

My special thanks goes to Adwehe for her great lights/shadows art tuned into Elfi's art works.

Elfi made a video of her exhibition. Love it.



Inara Pey, one my fav SL art reviewers, wrote a thorough analysis in her blog Living in a Modem World. It goes without saying she made awesome images of the exhibition.
Inara wrote: 

'What is particularly engaging about the fourteen pieces Elfi has presented is the sheer diversity of presentation and symbolism. From monochrome to colour through varying degrees of hue and tone, from the direct portrait through to framed story, in the use of surrealist through to the abstracted, each piece is unique to itself, yet retains strands of identity, self-doubt / self awareness that binds it to the rest, and the idea of exploring one’s subconscious.'

image made by Inara Pey


Another great review was published by Frank Atisso in his recently refurbished blog ART KORNER
Frank wrote:

'For example, the very first image "Who am I today?" is something most of us can relate to in today's world which sometimes forces us to put on a happy face even when deep down we are dealing with sadness and grief; or which prods us to show enthusiasm even when deep down we are not. In many ways, each of us is wearing a mask which we change depending upon the situation presented to us.'

Frank, being a curator himself, also wrote: 
'Adwehe's ribbon spheres, Cherry Manga's sculptures and the "reflective" flooring within the gallery space create the perfect ambiance for this exhibit. The large format of the images also immensely adds to the viewing experience.'

image (made by Frank Atisso) on the left is the image Frank mentioned (Who am I today?). 


Another cool article was published by Diomita in het blog 'Diomita and Jenny Maurer
Diomita wrote: 

'The exhibition “Status Menti” consists of 14 pictures of Elfi Siemens. The outstanding exhibition space with it’s mirroring floor and open sky adds a lot to the experience of it. Adwehe, whose artwork was featured at Nitroglobus Roof Gallery in February, tuned in her great lights/shadows art into Elfi’s art work. The space, the light effects and the appearing and vanishing objects in different colours make the space itself unique. Don’t forget to use the preset environment settings in your viewer (in Firestorm top menu “World” -> “Environment” -> “Use Shared Environment”.

image made by Diomita Maurer


Last but not least Susann DeCuir wrote about Elfi's exhibition in her blog MEIN ZWEITES LEBEN.

Happy with this brand new art reviewer who published a short note about Elfi's exhibition. 
Thank you Susann.
image made by Susann DeCuir


Images of the OPENING PARTY, which took place a few weeks ago with music by DJ Suzen Juel and particles by Venus Adored. It was a super cool party, great mood and ditto guests. 

major players at the party


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