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Thursday 6 October 2011

Dirty Ego

the skin, the hair & the tattoo

Filthy October Group Gift skin love it; I think this will be one of my favs! I am wearing beachtan, after all in RL I have a tan too after my 3 weeks holiday, although I am afraid that will vanish soon now coz autumn started today: rain, rain, rain .. blerghh!
Also wearing the Filthy lipliner2 with lipgloss tattoo layer. I love the lips of this skin so sensual and this lipliner emphasizes that.

Truth hair Tess in quince, one of the 3 new hair styles of this week. Supa!

and last but not least the cute Nana Dirty Ego tattoo (comes in 2 layers)  

the dress

GloriaS dress from Ley-Ly's Fantasies Formal Wear: now this is a truly gorgeous dress! It comes with 3 different collar styles and a constantly moving skirt that consists of many sculpted layers. The dress isn't the standard sugar sweet romantic ballroom/evening dress, but hey that's why I like it ^^

I took too many pics pffff and couldn't decide so I placed them all ^^

From my closet:
Maiiki striped strapless gloves 
LouLou&Co bracelets Crepuscule
LiNe Tolay hat
PC Moon eyes in lavender

dikke kus

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