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Monday 24 October 2011

Nicole in Domino and Tiptoe

shape 'Nicole Model' by Anna Shapes

Well, I never switch to another shape, coz I'm very attached to my own Dido shape, BUT this time I am willing to slip into Nicole Model by Anna Shapes. I like it, it has a lovely body and a face with expression although a bit superciliously.
This NEW Nicole shape comes in 3 sizes (Model, Normal and Small) and is modify, copy and non-transferable. Price is 800L$

ED Birthday CuppyCake and Ariel 5 Domino Switch outfit

Another NEW item is the outfit I am wearing called Domino*Switch by Ariel 5, inspired by and suited for modern to urban/futuristic roleplay. The folder contains a low rise leather pants, a stand alone jacket, gloves and seperate layers for the top. I love the knitwear and design, however I really miss a sculpted collar (and cuffs).  

I am sitting on the Eternal Dream (ED) Birthday CuppyCake (a GroupGift). It has cute couples and single poses. Fun!

Last but not least are the fun Tiptoe halloween black sockies from Cilian'gel Boutique. I love the details and knitwear: look at how those small chains are attached to the socks. Wow!

Dikke kus

Tiptoe black sockies Halloween from Cilian'gel Boutique

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