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aanhef blog

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

No Scorpio

Anymore Ripper jeans turquesa (comes in many colors)  NEW
AMD Voodoo belt & Atomic tank sheer (part of Atomic outfit)
Truth Parisa mahogany  NEW
Mynerva GG skin Sara Pure (not new)
Angelic Tattoo Freedom
Repulse tattoo Eat me stomach
R.icielli LARISSA minitop floralblack
Scrub black butterly belly piercing
Kosh bendy nail bracelet
SS Soleless Sandles antique china & SLink Jolie Pied barefeeet

NEW pose used: DM Twisted Arcane Scorpio (Twisted Hunt Extra -Arcane Zodiac ) and nope I am no Scorpio ^^
dikke kus

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