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Monday, 8 February 2010

Pulse skin Isabella: a Passion to Remember...

Awww I cannot decide which one of the new Isabella skins of Pulse I should buy. Yeah yeah I know I have many skins already and some of you readers like me most in a particular one ;-)

BUT.... i love this new Pulse character skin called Isabella and you know what I don't wanna look like a sweet girl. So please help me: which one Passion or Remember???

Isabella Passion

Isabella Remember

The difference? Passion has a pink lipstick and Remember is a more nude skin especially the lips are awesome, and the freckles. OMG I love freckles!

Dikke kus


  1. Vink pakt een bloemetje, plukt eerste bloemblaadje en fluistert "Passion", het tweede blaadje "Remember"....
    het op een na laatste blaadje....

  2. .... dat op een laatste blaadje is weer "Passion" .. dus mijn advies, wetenschappelijk onderbouwd zoals je leest: ga voor "Remember"!!!

  3. hi Dido, the true reason for favouring "Remember" is that I think the lip colour matches better with skin than the pink colour of "Passion", cheers Vink

  4. Definitely Passion! It's more you.

    Dikke kus.