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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Who's that girl?

Yeah Who's that girl? Blogging the Who's That Girl Hunt (WTGH) item of Hot Stuff 'an indeed hot stuff red dress with black string, stockings and awesome necklace that comes in mouth and chest version. Hey I feel cute, cute, cute! Therefore showing you my day and nite photo ^^ (just couldn't make a choice lol).

Furthermore wearing:
Truth hair Kalle in mahogany
Angelic tattoo Freedom in black/white
NEW the Mayfly deep sky eyes Monet Dusk (luv them!)
Filthy GG March skin in cream

dikke kus


  1. Good grief, this should be made illegal, like a class A drug! It's not just hot, It's WHITE HOT! Beautifully presented. Bravo!