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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Arghh I painted my (Bria) hair pink

Pink girl these days:
Wearing the NEW Maitreya rigged Stagioni Boots (rose), which come in 3 sizes as well as in a non-rigged version; all in one folder. Great boots as one can expect from Maitreya. Luv them, definitely my style!

Also NEW is Bria one of the two new Truth hairs of this week. I like this mesh rigged hair and opted this time for a pink w/roots. Arghhhhh traditional moi painting my hair pink. Lol what will be next you wonder ^^

All photos I took at the awesome sim of Lost Town - La Citta'Perduta; a truly inspiring place (take care or you will leave with pink hair...). 
Here's your taxi

Furthermore wearing stuff from my closet (doors won't close anymore pfff):
NOYA VIP gift - Swinging Curls full body Tattoo
BDR Grace skirt (part of outfit)
HoWear Bride of Lost Souls top (part of outfit)
Amarelo Mango Flapper Onyx ring
!SSD Frils bijou roulette earrings
League Wanderer black necklace 4 discs
DRD christineBW mask (part of outfit)

dikke kus

Desert Rose by Sting (song that was played at the Lost Town sim)

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