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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Shaken not Stirred

It's been a while but yeah wearing Mina hair. This one is called Ingrid (name of my RL best friend ^^) including a tintable headband (HUD) and hairbases in all colours and available at My Attic. Cute cute cute, I like it, it's very 'Mina'.
There is only one hair in the pack, you can change the colors and resize 
the hair by wearing the provided HUD. Luv it!

My Attic August session from 21st of August through to August 31st offers all items for only 95L. The theme is 'Shaken not Stirred. 
Here's your taxi to the Attic.

Moreover wearing HS (Hot Stuff) items: 
the Sensation oufit that's very simple but effective ^^: tiny denim short and lace top and the Floreal Tattoo layer, which is lovely and part of the ubersexy Gold&Dark outfit.

These are a few of the many HS outfits available at the Wash's Biannual Cart Sale event that's held from Aug 15th - Sept 5th 2012.

All items are priced at L$ 10 or less and there's also a gift at 1L
Here's your taxi to the Wash.

dikke kus

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