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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sakura teahouse

I was privileged coz Ayumi allowed me to visit her bedroom.  

Two NEW items and a visit to a Japanese teahouse.
This morning I visited Ayumi Hema at her lovely Sakura teahouse. Ayumi is a hostess and provides traditional Japanese geisha service and entertainment AND serves green tea. She showed me her place and her private rooms. I was even allowed in her bedroom ^^, where I took these photos. Thanks Ayumi for your hospitality!

Wearing Lelutka SWISH 4in1 hair IrishRed, which comes with basic hair, a bun AND a pony. Wow I love it and couldn't resist buying. I wasn't the only one coz phew there were many many avi's present at Lelutka store yesterday evening and all trying the demo. Fun to watch.

The other new item is the Ingrid outfit from M&M. The alpha maxi skirt is mesh and it fits my avi purfectly! I like the design and color: very 'summerish'.
Thanks Moreno for the bloggers review item!

dikke kus
drinking green tea at Ayumi her private tea table

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