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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Disco Tristana

Phew back from my looong weekend to Munich (awesome town I recommend to visit, I enjoyed it muchly) and deep sigh soo many things happened here in SL .... well too busy to catch up with all so I will restrict myself to two new items I like really wel ^^:

First is Tristana, one of the two new Truth mesh hairs of this week (showing mahogany w/roots). I like this one: it's classy with a bit of 'Amy' ^^

Second are the scripted (bling) Disco earrings of PiNK Cherry designed by JaneDark Miles (wearing the silver pair). They come in 5 colors and are so detailed and nicely made and cost 99L$/pair.  

The rest is from my closet and I am too lazy to mention it all coz I blogged it last week ^^

Nite nite
dikke kus

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