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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Frou Frou at C I C A

Nitro and I visited C I C A last nite; awesome very fast place in bl/w. Do visit, it's worthwhile!

Wearing new SLAVE dressing room FrouFrou in blu (it's also available in pink). Wow very sexy; with one bare nipple. It comes with a white and a black sculpted thong (wearing the black one in the pics) and a tiny bow nipple piercing (soo cute). 
The bufferfly on the pics is a free C I C A gift to be obtained at sim entrance point.
C I C A is created by Cica Ghost and had it's official opening at 27th September. Sooo very new ^^

Moreover showing the SLAVE Dressing Room Fantasy eye make-up no 14 (combined with Plastik facial tattoo Soul Ink-Oedipus). This eye make-up comes in many colors, my fav: the black/grey version.  

On the above photo I am wearing the lovely SLAVE Dressing Room Dragonfly MeSh necklace. Hey hey Butterfly me ^^

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
dikke kus