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Friday, 30 November 2012

Fashion Show at C&P Casual Wear this Saturday!

Free gift for all visitors is the awesome outfit Cath is wearing.
The colourful duffle coat I wear has a special prize only this Saturday. 
Both are of course for sale in their shop ^^

***C&P Casual Wear - Winter Daze Fashion Show 

presented by ManieraSL***

Informing you about this Catwalk Fashion show event in which Cath and Petrov of C&P Casual Wear will be presenting a showcase of their casual clothing (plus a few not so casual!), to launch the opening of their spacious new main store.

The show will feature both men's and women's casual clothes and some unisex. Their range includes both system clothes and mesh clothes. 

The show is called Winter Daze, but their range includes clothes for all seasons from warm and cozy Duffle Coats to hot sexy bikinis! Anyone joining the show will receive the free fantastic outfit shown in the photos.

When:  Saturday 1st December at noon SLT, 21.00 hrs Paris time 

As places at the show are limited be sure to arrive early to get a seat!
Note, avatar scripts are limited to 75, you won't be able to enter if you are wearing more than this.

After the show there will be dancing with the fantastic British DJ Rane (a regular DJ at Runnaround Sue's)!

Here's your taxi to the fashion show

And here's the LM of the new store of C&P Casual Wear

Due to RL obligations I unfortunately won't be able to be present :-(  I wish Cath and Petrov a wonderful evening and great fun at the dance afterwards!
dikke kus


  1. Thanks for the blog Dido, we had a fantastic show, so sorry you couldn't be with us. The 'Dido' coat is now also for sale on marketplace. xx

    1. Wow, I am happy all went well ^^
      The 'Dido' coat is SUPER, luv it muchly. Hope others will tooo
      dikke kus