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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Time to Explore

Now that the Gallery opening party for our newest exhibition has taken place Nitro and I have time again to explore, and so we did yesterday evening. We visited 'Whispering Angels', the newest installation of Cherry Manga: a sort of chess board with nude ladies laying on top of the chessmen.
As I had been shopping and bought a new skirt I am showing that tooo in this blog post ^^

Sooo here we go... wearing: Sn@tch Floofy Velvet mesh skirt in brown. The texture of this skirt is really amazing (it feels soft and fluffy), very high quality and moreover fits super! I explained before but will do again coz I really luv the concept: Sn@tch give you all colors in ONE size (i.e. YOUR size). So you try the demo, decide what's your size, buy that size and receive the skirt in all colors. Wow! 

Rest of the items come from my closet and I am to lazy to mention. If you wanna know ask me ^^
Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

Whispering Angels by Cherry Manga

Another interesting place to visit: the installation of the famous Guernica of Picasso by London Junkers & Lizzie Gudkov. Worth visiting! Here's your taxi
More info at http://bit.ly/UwCj21

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