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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Mya, Elisha and more

Phew that's been a while since I wrote my last blog post about new fashion items. Seems ages ago. I have been so busy RL and with the changing of the exhibition and opening party at Nitroglobus Gallery.
Yeah I know I hear you say no excuse....

Anyway, there we go with the new items shown in the pictures:
First of all Elisha, one of the 30th March new Truth mesh hairs. Hey, hey this one is super, I really luv it! Wearing champagne w/roots. Turned into a blond lately ^^

Second is my new Belleza skin Mya in medium skin color, a Best Buys of last week (400 L$: arghhh that's nothing for this lovely skin). The folder comes with 3 skins  (different brow colors) and tattoo layers for brow, cleavage and lips. I am totally taken by this skin atm ^^

Third new item is last weeks Graffitiwear chainmail knit mesh vest, wearing it with the bikini top that comes in 2 layers. I like this mesh vest. It's nicely made and great to combine.

The rest all comes from my closet.
dikke kus

Posing in front of an artwork of Ini Inaka that's hanging on the wall of our home. 

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