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Saturday, 6 April 2013

The party's over now

Paola Mills

Yesterday, Thursday 4th April we celebrated the opening party of the exhibition 'Two Souls Meeting' by Paola Mills and Maloe Vansant, two very creative persons who make awesome photos in Second Life. 

It was a nice party, DJ Lex played great tunes and many attended and enjoyed. Well known faces but also new ones. 
Here are a few of the (too) many photos I made to give you an impression. I start with my paparazzo shots of the two artists in front of their art. 

Wish you all a super weekend!
dikke kus

Maloe Vansant

Sina and Aneli
lovely Jewell
Mr Paparazzo ARnnO

dancing with Mina

  I named this photo 'Innocence'. My fav
It's Kynne standing in front of one of Maloe's  nude photos.


  1. oh that last picture i love very much Dido )) and the second too ( with maloe) )) bye bye , Nic

    1. Cool thx for your comments Nic and yes yes I agree with you those two are edgy pics aren't they?
      Do come and visit the exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery and take a look/photo for yourself of the great work of Paola and Maloe. You will love it!
      dikke kus