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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

September Rainforest re-opened

This weekend I danced at September Rainforest again. Wow, awesome place that gives you the feeling of being in the middle of a tropical rainforest, with an ancient ruin, waterfalls and lots of vegetation and a damp atmosphere. There were up-to-date dances (single and couple), a kind hostess and live DJ... and above all good music.
I had noticed the LM when sneaking into a profile (one of my fav hobbies) and found out the place had re-opened.

Like many others I have good memories of the old September Rainforest. I used to dance and romance there often with friends. The old sim included many scattered romantic areas with nice pose balls. No idea if they are still there as I did not explore but only danced and enjoyed the music. Will do next time ;-)

Searching the web I found an item dated February 2010 on Dementrix blog about the reopening. Very interesting as this explains that the reopening is mainly the effort of Holiday Blitz, a girl who used to be a host at the old September Rainforest. Thanks Holiday!

Taxi to September Rainforest.

Dikke kus

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  1. woah never heard of it. ill have to check it out ^_^