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Sunday 4 August 2013

Fake Snow White at reBourne Bali

The new reBourne Prefab Bali looks stunning! Another great prefab of Danny and Suite. Those two are soo creative and pursuing perfection.
Moreover, the tasteful and perfectly fitting furniture and many poseballs make exploring the place great fun. Many had the same idea coz it was crowded.  

I took some photos of this awesome place, but you better explore yourself.
Here's your taxi to the reBourne Bali Prefab

What am I wearing?
Well it's the cute cute outfit that maybe not new to you but it sure is to me ^^: the BDR (Beautiful Dirty Rich) Fake Snow White. Lol makes me feel like biting everybodies nose ^^
The outfit consists of a mesh yellow skirt, dito blue corset, white system stockings (all worn), AND not shown: white heels and a red panty that hangs between the knees, which of course I don't wear visiting a classy prefab like this.

Enjoy the rest of your WE
dikke kus

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