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Monday 31 March 2014

Tabita, Whatever Girly at Frisland

Recently I joined the Bloggers Group 'We Love to Blog' (ty Quan) and this is my first post in which I show one of their bloggers review items.
This really cool FBD total outfit 'Whatever girly' comes with skinny mesh jeans, a gorgeous belt in several sizes, a mesh leather jacket, a system layer tanktop and urban sneakes (not shown).
I luvvvv the small zippers on the sleeves of the jacket and the cool folds in the jeans. Great details & quality.

I promissed the designer Dalriada Delwood to mention where you can buy the outfit, so here you go: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/47747
LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Xemtantic/149/182/1456

NEW since 28 March and available for 2 weeks is Tabita, an updated mesh MINA hair in 2 new colorpacks and with materials for The Dressing Room Fusion (TDR) for only 70 L$. Cute, cute, cute!

Also NEW is the PixelGeek chained collar (with and without RLV). I am wearing the black version, but the folder also contains a light silver, gold and silver version of the same collar. 

The cool mesh Timerascal Brass goggles, which flip on touch, are from Loki and are from the Street Urchin Steampunk Range. They were a gift from my sweetie last January. Luv them.

Pose used by Flowey, On the go part one, Walkin' one from this months' Collabor88.

Photos made at Frisland, Laluna Island; a lovely sim to explore. I enclosed the LM ^^

Dikke kus

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