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Friday, 9 May 2014

OpeningParty at Nitroglobus

ColdFrog at her party, radiating light

An overview of our Opening party at Nitroglobus last Friday, 9 May for the exhibition 'Every Picture tells a Song' by Cold Frog & Kake Broek.
It was a super party. Thanks to all that visited!
dikke kus

Kake in the house

Extraterrestrial creatures: ColdFrog & Maloe

Maloe in front of a Kake art work

Instincta & Stem dancing

Apples & Oranges and  Isa

Kynne visiting

Mina dancing

Nitro and I dancing ^^

Piedra smoking ... 

Sabbian in front of the ColdFrog art work 'The Jeweller' 

Tutsy visiting

Vallys visiting

WuWai visiting

Yvan visiting, lol look at his left hand ...... arghhhh

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