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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Speareye and more

Inspired by Maloe and Vallys who were wearing this awesome {anc} mask (tuner Speareye it's called) at the Opening party for ColdFrog & Kake Broek last Friday at Nitroglobus gallery, I went over to the Fantasy Gatcha Fair to get me one. You'll need some patience coz the color you receive is a surprise, soo before you have the right color .. LOL I spent a fortune ^^ 
I had a few green, yellow ones before I scored this pink and the silver one. However, they are Transfer so you can swap with other shoppers.
Besides the speareye mask I also received a cool
 {anc} headphone (shown on the photo below). Haven't taken my mask off since I bought it Saturday. Awesome!

The Cysleek mesh Beach dress is yummie in this black/white combination. Wow cool smexy but classy summer dress, which is definitely a fav!

The WRD (Wild Rose Design) Diana bag costs L$ 85 at LIKE Sales Room and there are other super ones available. Love these bags. 
Thx Marilyn for the Bloggers Review items. 

Pose used: Hikstani from the Gift6 animations from LEA10 (March 2014). Love this pose soooo cool.
Photos made at the 'doorstep' of our SL Japanese home.

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