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Monday, 24 November 2014

HeLa & Lorelai

HeLa Lennie isn't only an awesome photographer, she's also a great designer of creative clothes. Showing you my latest aquisition at HeLa Designs the mesh Paradise dress. Smexy and soo well made. Chapeau HeLa!

In case you don't know yet, HeLa has an exhibition in the main hall of our gallery at this moment called 'Nightmare', which is truly awesome! Very intriguing work/theme. In case you didn't visit yet, here's your taxi to Nitroglobus. Don't miss it.

 HeLa's shop 

With the dress I wear these elegant Chicago heels of Preptopia for Slink Mid feet in black. These lovely heels come in many many great colors.

Thanks to the designer Lorelai Bonetto for this great bloggers review gift. LoreLai's RL story is fashinating: 
in 2007 she met her RL future husband in SL and after being away from SL for several years in which immigration, building a house, settling down, etc etc took place, she returned to SL in 2013 and wanted to do something different and ceative. Preptopia was born.

'Preptopia brings preppy to SL with bold colors, classic cuts and nautical themes. I put much effort into using high quality textures that look as realistic as possible. Preptopia offers women's clothing and shoes, ranging from casual to formal. From Fall 2014 I also offer meshes that are exclusive to Preptopia under the brand of Preptopia Couture' 

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